Can you provide a "helping hand" to our computer department?

Yes.  We can provide your computer department a "helping hand" as needed.  We always strive to provide any customized computer consulting services you may need.


Can we buy our own computer equipment?

Yes.  However, if you allow us to choose computer equipment for you, you will have a customized system that will meet your computing needs.  If you buy computer equipment by yourself, you may end up with an expensive system with a lot of optional or a very few required capabilities.  In that case, you probably will need to spend more money later on to add required capabilities in addition to the money already spent on optional capabilities.


Can you provide computer consulting services on a yearly basis?

Yes.  We can provide you IT outsourcing services on a yearly basis, instead of an hourly basis.  If you have any long-term project, you may be eligible for discounts depending on its type and length.  This can be discussed in details during the free consultation.


Can you help us subscribe a broadband service?

Yes.  We can help you get a reliable DSL or T1 line at special monthly low-rates.  We know the importance of having a reliable broadband connection.  We have seen businesses with e-commerce web sites that become unreachable during holiday sessions, because their broadband service providers fail to provide reliable Internet connections.  We can work with the service provider until the service is activated and you start using it comfortably.


Can you help us connect our offices over the Internet?

Yes.  We can help you connect your offices over the Internet.  Before connecting sites over the Internet, we thoroughly go over your existing network layout of each location to make sure that it has adequate network and data security.  If not, we can redesign or upgrade your existing networks to bring them up to a level where it is appropriate to connect them over the Internet.  When it comes to connecting offices over the Internet, we take your network and data security very seriously.


How can you determine what computer equipment we will need?

After analyzing your computing needs, we’ll customize/configure an optimal computer/network system for you. We’ll consider your future computing needs to make the system reasonably expandable enough to accommodate any additional capabilities you may need later on.


How do you figure your computer consulting rates?

In most cases, we go by hourly rates - so that you can see the work being done as you pay.  For specific projects, we will calculate the amount of time needed to perform the task, add in the required parts, if any, and then provide you with a quote.  In some cases, we may set up a free consultation appointment with you to better understand your underlying computer consulting needs before establishing a price tag.


Can we find a computer consulting company that would charge us less for some of the computer consulting services you provide?

It is certainly possible, even though we periodically do a survey on some other computer consulting companies in terms of the quality of service they provide and their rates.  While a computer consulting company may charge you less initially for the services you need, you may end up paying more later for support/upgrade.  We concentrate on network stability and security, saving you money in a long run.  The same is true for all other computer consulting services we provide.  In addition, we provide you with adequate data and network security; other computer consulting companies may consider this optional.


Description: Description: http://www.azteq.com.au/imgazteq/imagesj0316807.jpgCan you support our existing network?

Yes.  We can provide you network support service once we analyze your existing network environment and redesign it (if necessary) to bring it up to a level where we can support it and lower your support costs.  A stable network does not require "too much" constant support.  If your network goes down constantly or does not perform at an acceptable level, it is probably a good idea to redesign or upgrade it before supporting it.