We provide services for Windows, Netware and Macintosh computers.  We work with desktops, laptops and servers, and provide complete integration services so none of your systems are ignored.


client base

We serve both small and medium-sized businesses and home-based businesses.  If you have found it difficult to obtain support from other companies, or you seem always to be told that you must buy something to solve your problems, you are why we are in business.  We focus on filling the gap left by computer dealers who are interested primarily in sales and consulting firms focused only on niche markets.  No matter how small or large your needs may be, we can help.

what we do

We are your one-stop shop for your entire computer and network needs.  From installing and setting up servers and workstations to solving the everyday problems associated with the business network environment. 


what we offer

on-site computer repair and services:  "it's supposed to do this, but look!"  Why should you have to manage without your computer for a week or more for something that can be repaired at your convenience?  Our expert staff is available for on-site repairs.  If you are at wits end with a computer or network that is not functioning correctly, put our experience to work for you.


setup, installation & upgrades:  new computer system installs & setup.  New hardware additions (i.e. hard drives, video cards, sound cards, etc.).  Operating system configuration.  Complete setup and installation of hardware and software, new peripherals, and system components.  Getting systems running, and keeping systems running.


network installation and troubleshooting:  setting up network servers, workstations, printers, and Internet access.  Share printers, CD-ROM’s, internet connections, hard drives, files, scanners and more.  Hard wired or wireless, whatever you’re choice when it comes to hi tech improvements nothing delivers more bang for the buck than a professionally installed network.


preventive maintenance:  preventive maintenance saves time, saves money and helps safeguard your data.  Preventive maintenance is one of the most ignored aspects of computer ownership for most businesses, the data on the hard disk is more important than the hardware that houses it.  Taking steps to protect this data therefore makes sense.


consulting services:  information to help make informed choices about computers, software, networking, the internet, upgrades, and peripherals.  We help you find and implement the best solution to your company's most challenging objectives.


virus repair and protection:  not to be taken lightly anymore.  We have plenty of experience fighting this epidemic.  Call us for the most effective way to protect you against getting viruses.


service and maintenance agreements:  an excellent value for companies that do not have enough need to hire a full-time IT person, yet still need very reliable relationship-based support.  Our contracts are generally based on a one year agreement and include preventive maintenance.


We are always honest with our clients and sincere about our work.  For detailed information and explanations about how we can enhance your office’s efficiency and productivity, contact us at:  816.914-8826 or by email.


Remember that with any computer service you should make sure any important data is backed up, software is available and passwords recorded before the technician/consultant arrives.






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